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Rudrakshas, the Sacred Beads of India

Rudrakshas are seeds from trees in India, Nepal, and neighboring countries which have been worn by spiritually aware people for thousands of years. They are called "the Tears of Siva". They have no harmful effects and can be worn by anyone. They absorb the Stillness like a sponge, and hold it. They stabilize higher states of consciousness. On this website I offer the 4 mm five-faced rudraksha japa malas, which have 108 beads plus a larger bead in the middle which is set off with decoration and represents the Teacher. You do not need to have a Teacher to wear rudrakshas, nor is it required that you meditate, although it helps. The five-faced rudrakshas balance your blood pressure and have other beneficial effects on the body. Rudrakshas carry a gentle healing energy which balances the bodily and emotional energies and encourages mental focus. More information on them is to your right on this page. My supply of rudrakshas comes from the Rudra Center in Mumbai, India, which I consider the foremost and best supplier of these holy beads available. You can read more about rudrakshas by clicking on this related link: spirit dove.

JUST RUDRAKSHAS: You can buy just a set of Rudrakshas (includes a Teacher bead) for $45 plus shipping and handling. I get them from India and remove the orange dye, dry them, and oil them. You need to e-mail me for the ability to buy them on the shopping page ("Shop" button"). They will be under the category "Rudrakshas" and the product "Rudrakshas". When it is your turn to buy, your name will be listed in the product description as "Maya's Rudrakshas" with the price I quoted you in the e-mail. After you buy them I will send them to you in double bubble-packing.

 PERSONALIZED RUDRAKSHAS WITH YOUR JYOTISH GEMSTONES: You can get a personalized set designed by Sindhuma with your astrological gemstones and metals. Adding the gemstones you need will enhance the effect of the rudrakshas and help to heal the body and soul. There are photographs on this page of examples of many rudraksha designs. To initiate this process, send me your birthdate and time and place at sindhuma@bindhu.org and I will tell you the stones and metals needed, ask you some questions about the style, and make up a design for your approval. When the mala is finished, you will follow the procedure as in the paragraph above to find and buy your mala. Then I will mail it to you in a special Angel box.

 RUDRAKSHA REPAIR: These little seeds are fragile, and sometimes the strand breaks. I repair rudrakshas for $25 plus materials, no matter who made them originally. I can replace 14 or 18K gold, white gold, silver, or vermeil as well as gemstones. E-mail me with the information and you can send them to me for repair; I'll send the address.

Examples of custom-made rudrakshas: Click on the first picture in the photo album below for a larger slide show.

This is an unusual mala I made for a woman in Curacao whose chart indicated Venus, sun, and moon: opals and silver are for the moon (intuition; the feminine energy), quartz crystal is for Venus (amplifies your energy and that of the rudrakshas), and gold is for the sun (pure consciousness).


Rudrakshas are wrapped around the left wrist or worn around the neck. It is said that worn on  the left wrist, rudrakshas dissolve your ego, around the neck they dissolve that of yours and  others too. They can be worn all day and while meditating they are especially effective in keeping your focus. Treat them gently. They do not really need oiling; I oiled them when I got them.  You can if you wish put them in a light unscented oil for a day, once a year, and dry them gently on a towel. This may make the gemstones sticky.

The rudrakshas love to be in the sun
for a few hours in front of a window; it recharges them and clears the stones of any negative energy. Citrine needs no clearing like other stones. Pearls, moonstones and silver like to be in moonlight. Gold likes the sun; emeralds do too. Lapis, crystal  and coral like sunlight. If they ever feel "off" you can gently "whap" them against natural wood to clear the energy.  DO NOT wear them in the shower or bath. If you're doing dishes put them around your neck, not on the wrist. Do not do strenuous or messy things with them on, such as yard work, making love,  or changing the oil in your car.
I know an Ishaya monk whose rudrakshas became covered with green mold after he did yard work with them on his wrist in rainy weather for a few weeks; I had to replace half his rudrakshas. Twice.  Try not to spill anything gooey or sticky on them.

 If you're meditating they are fine but don't sleep in them unless you sleep like the dead; tossing and turning can be hard on them. They will naturally settle against one another and the wire with appear to stretch, but actually it's the little bumps wearing off the rudrakshas. Don't worry about it; they can be tightened up in a year or two if there's an inch of room, but it's a natural thing. I'll be happy to tighten them for you if you pay the postage. Be very gentle with them; they are organic, little fragile seeds. Think of them as really sacred cat food. As the silver tarnishes, you can clean it carefully with a toothbrush and regular toothpaste. Much more information about rudrakshas is on the Rudra Center website, www.rudraksha-ratna.com.

Some of the photos show malas without clasps; I size them to fit before putting the clasp on and sometimes I forget to take another pic.

Vermeil is used when someone can have either silver or gold and prefers the look of gold; it is a less expensive option and the beads can be fancy without breaking the bank. In general, a mala with silver runs around $125-$175 depending on the stones; vermeil runs around $150-$200 and gold runs from $175-$250 and up.
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